Frequently Asked Questions

Can BirTees be used on a golf course?

Yes! They were originally designed for the golf course.

Can the BirTee Pro be used in competitive play?

All 8 BirTee Pro tees conform to USGA rules of golf, so may be used in competitive tournaments from junior golf to the pro circuit.

Can the BirTee Pro be used in golf simulators? On frozen ground? On hard ground?
Yes! Since BirTee Pro golf tees sit on top of the surface, they can be used on any surface.
Can BirTee Pro tees be used on the golf range?

Absolutely, but there is one minor adaptation you may want to do.  As in this video clip, tie a string to the BirTee Pro.  Some golfers like to tie together 2 or 3 BirTee Pro tees of different sizes.  When you do this, the tee will never travel forward more than a couple of feet, making it safe to fetch it.  We’ve even seen some golfers tie the other end of the string to a traditional golf tee and use that as an anchor.  See, there’s still a use for wooden tees!

Where Can I Try BirTee Golf Tees?

We have a number of resellers/distributors and more coming on board all the time.  You can also purchase BirTee Pros from our web-site,

I run an annual charity golf tournament. Do you have special charitable promotions?

You bet! We are big supports of charities.  Contact us.

How durable is the BirTee Pro golf tee?

Really durable.  Most golfers will never break them even after over 1,000 hits.  You have to be pretty big and pretty strong to break a BIRTEE PRO.  It can be done, but you’ll probably need a lot of Bengay.

If I do manage to break a BirTee Pro, how do I dispose of it?

BirTee Pro golf tees are fully recyclable (check out the Universal Recycling Symbol on the inside of the neck where the ball sits).  No more tee areas littered with broken tees!

Where is the BirTee Pro manufactured?
BirTee Pro golf tees are manufactured near Ottawa, Canada.
Does the color of the BirTee Pro golf tee mean anything?

Absolutely nothing.  Just pick your favorite color.  In some camera-based golf simulators stick with a dark color such as green, blue, purple or black.  Otherwise the camera might mistake it for the golf ball?  In Canada, we avoid using yellow or orange in the fall when leaves are falling.  And of course, we avoid the white tees for winter golf!

I run a golf simulator company and we use lots of the #6 tees. Do I have to buy full kits?
No, we have special pricing for bulk purchases of specific sizes where packaging is not required.
I don’t live in North America. Can I still buy Birtee Pros?

Yes, but please contact us.  Shipping outside of North America can be expensive, but we’ve learned lots of tricks to minimize the cost.  Contact us.

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