Junior Golf

Have you ever watched a 3-year-old try to push a traditional golf tee into the ground and then tee up a ball? Frustrating! The BirTee Pro completely eliminates that frustration for the junior golfer … and also from the adults patiently (or sometimes impatiently) waiting! Kids want to do it themselves, and with BirTee Pro, they can.

BirTee Pro allows kids to golf easily and independently!

That’s why BirTee Pro is used by more and more junior golf instructors across the US and around the world.

And when the junior golfer graduates to the next level, there is no need to switch to anything. Even if they end up going pro, they can continue using the BirTee Pro!

BIRTEE GOLF is proud to be the Official Tee of the CJGA (Canadian Junior Golf Association) Linkster Tour for the 2021 Season!

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